VFFS Machines

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machines are a kind of automated packaging machinery. Many sectors use VFFS machines to package a large variety of goods. These machines are incredibly adaptable. They fill and seal packages in a continuous vertical action. VFFS machines are paired with weighers and counters to accurately package loose products from fresh produce to mechanical parts.

How VFFS Machines Work?

The core of the machine is its precision engineering. The machine unwinds roll of flexible packaging material to start the procedure. This film is passed over forming tube that tapers. The film is formed into the required bag size and configuration as it moves over the forming tube. The machine fuses the vertical edges where the film overlaps and seals the bottom of the bag to create safe, leak-proof container. The “fin seal,” crucial sealing procedure, is evidence of the machine’s precision and dependability.

Machines suitable for VFFS Vertical Wrapping