Thera 650 is designed with a distinctive modular frame. Regarded as one of the most dynamic and well built thermoforming packaging machines on the market. Available with dual forming and sealing chambers this thermoforming machine is built for efficiency. With speeds up to 35 cycles a minute and compatible with fully automated loading this Thermoformer has revolutionised the industry. 
Thera 450 is perfect for high production needs. This thermoforming machine is ideal for companies looking to improve efficiency. It is capable of integrating with fully automatic loading systems and is designed with the highest level of technology available on the market. 
Thera 250 small size makes it the perfect cost effective solution. Built with the same technology this compact thermoforming machine combines reliability with usability making it ideal for most applications.
Thera 100 is the ideal compact thermoforming option. This machine is our most cost effective thermoforming solution providing the same high performance for only a fraction of the price. Compact in size it can fit into smaller spaces and is  capable of being equipped with packaging technologies such as vacuum, MAP and SKIN.