Thera 100 - Colimatic Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Thera 100

Thera 100 is the ideal compact thermoforming option. This machine is our most cost effective thermoforming solution providing the same high performance for only a fraction of the price. Compact in size it can fit into smaller spaces and is equip-able with all packaging technologies such as vacuum, MAP and SKIN. 

  • Total durability built with consistency and to last.
  • Completely washdown designed with angled surfaces to allow water to fall off. 
  • Extreme cost savings on labour. 70% less waste on film.
  • Screen is designed by our own software engineers with usability in mind. 
  • Sealing 
  • Vacuum 
  • Shrink
  • Skinpack
  • Modified Atmosphere
  1. Siemens Electronics and PLC 
  2. Festo Pneumatics 
  3. BUSCH Pumps


  • Up to 6 cycles a minute
  • Max film 400mm top and bottom reel.
  • Machine length: 3000 mm
  • Machine width: 1200 mm
  • Machine height: 2000 mm
  • Loading area: 400 mm
  • Bottom film width: 320 mm
  • Top film width: 300 mm
  • Max advancing index: 300 mm
  • Pack max depth: 100 mm