• Electrical power supply – V /230
  • Phase – ph 1
  • Maximum power installed – kW 3.2
  • Hourly output – 0/300
  • Available dimensions of the sealing bars – mm 530×390
  • MAX product size – mm 800x500x200
  • MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter) – mm 250
  • MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width) – mm 600
  • Work Surface Height – mm 915
  • Machine dimensions with the lid closed – mm 1280x780x h.1180
  • Weight (Net/Gross) – kg


Developed for food products and the pharmaceutical industry. Its stainless steel finish means its easy to clean and is ideal for packaging items such as pizza, sweets and bread. It is the hygienic chamber machine on the market and its unique double top fan is a patented display.

The patented ventilation system allows you to maintain constant temperature, with no overheating. The absence of motors, fans and felt on the bottom of the hood guarantees simple cleaning and makes it the most hygienic system on the market.

It available to be used with a multitude of variations of films. The machine also boasts up to 20% energy reduction features that make it in line wit the rest of Mini-Packs eco friendly technology