Machine Upgrades

Renew, Re-use, Recycle Your Packaging Machinery

Machine upgrades play a vital role in our quest for making packaging sustainable. Over the past several years, we have witnessed inflation and supply chain crises that have significantly increased the cost of raw materials. The carbon footprint generated by replacing old equipment with new equipment is now more pressing than ever before. It is increasingly advantageous for clients to adopt environmentally friendly approaches and seek ways to optimise the output of their existing technology by upgrading their current packaging machinery.

Machine upgrades incorporate new features, presenting a more cost-effective solution while reducing the customer’s environmental impact. Our clients can customise their current packaging machinery by adding new accessories to enhance performance or avail themselves of new features, they can upgrade the electronics to modern day standards, or they can look for a mechanical rebuild to try renew the machines maximum performance output.


Mechanical to Servo Driven Upgrade

  • Increased speed: Servo motors are capable of faster acceleration and deceleration than mechanical systems. This can result in higher productivity and increased throughput.
  • Improved accuracy: Servo motors are precise and can be controlled more accurately than mechanical systems. This can result in tighter bags reducing film wastage and ensure the consistent production runs.
  • Reduced downtime: Servo-driven machines are less likely to experience breakdowns or malfunctions, resulting in less downtime and increased productivity.
  • Energy efficiency: Servo-driven machines consume less energy than mechanical machines because they only use energy when they need to. This can result in cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.
  • Versatility: Servo-driven machines can be programmed to handle a wider range of products and packaging sizes than mechanical machines. This versatility minimises the changing time between products.
  • Improved safety: Servo-driven machines often have safety features that mechanical machines lack, such as automatic shutoffs in case of a malfunction. This improves worker safety and reduces the risk of accidents.

Upgrade Your Old Electronics with New Electronics

  • Upgraded Features – Misplaced product, npnb, overhead conveyors,
  • Energy Efficient – new gearboxes, reduced motors.
  • Less breakdowns – longer machine lifespan. Fewer issues
  • 10-year guarantee – Availability of the electronics for up to 10 years increasing lifespan.
  • Cost Effective: As good as buying a new machine. Cost of raw materials increased. (Steel, manufacturing)
  • Availability of parts – old electronics are obsolete meaning they can no longer be sourced openly on the market. Making the machines obsolete in the potential of a breakdown.
  • Automation Integration: If you want to add in a feeding pushing conveyor it is easier to upgrade everything to run on the same code.

Mechanical Rebuild

  • Improved Performance: Wear over time reduces the potential performance of the machine affecting quality.
  • Reduction In Downtime: Knock on effects from one section will have consequences on the entire section.
  • Safety: reduce the change for major catastrophic failure resulting in injury.
  • Cheaper than doing it in house: more cost effective because of 25% reduction compared to market value of parts, cheaper labour.
  • Increased Lifespan: Ensure increased lifespan of your machinery.

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