Minipack Sleeve Wrap Machine MS70 L

Semi-Automatic Range

Sleeve Wrapping Machine Solutions

Our standard Sleeve Wrap range can perform for most  requirements. It can run manually or semi automatic. They can run from between 9-15 ppm. Their power use has been optimised so they run at 40% less consumption than during normal operation. Our semi-automatic range is ideal for most sleeve wrapping applications. Contact us today to find out how you can cut your costs. 

  • Wheels
  • Upper & Lower Reel Cutting Device
  • Cooling Fan 
  • Side Presser Rollers to Close Pack
  • Roller Conveyor with copious rollers at tunnel outfeed.
  • Side Rollers to Facilitate Reel Insertion
  • Reel End Photocell
Wrapjet 30

Fully Automatic Range

Advance Sleeve Wrapping Machine Solutions

Our most advanced range of Sleeve Wrappers can run up to 30 packs per minute. This is due to the machine being specially engineered so it does not require a sealing bar which greatly increases the speed of our fully automatic wrappers. Instead our wrappers use a rotating blade to seal and cut the film. The multi flow in-feed ensures packaging efficiency, while our automatic sleeve wrappers leave enough room underneath so you can maximise your storage space.

Safety Features: Our automatic wrapper range incorporates a microprocessor controlled tunnel and real-time monitoring of alarms with up to 10 pre-settings available.

Our fully automatic range of options are perfect for high-production factory environments and continuous production. 


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