What are Shrink Machines?

Shrink wrapping machines tightly wrap a product or group of products in a heat-shrinkable plastic film. When exposed to heat, the film shrinks and ‘shrinks’ to the shape of the product, providing a secure, tamper-evident, and protective barrier.

Shrink Wrapping Benefits

This type of packaging offers several advantages, including:

  • Low Cost: The process is easy and cost-effective.
  • Versatility: It’s used to package a wide range of products such as bakery, pharmaceutical and hardware industries
  • Tamper Evidence: The tight seal makes it difficult to tamper with the product.
  • Product Protection: Shrink machines create a barrier, shielding the product from environmental factors like moisture, dust, and sunlight. This maintains quality and appearance.
  • Visual Appeal: The transparent nature of this packaging makes the product visible. Ideal for shop shelves.
  • Sustainability:  Shrink wrap materials, such as polyolefin, are recyclable. This alignins with the demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Machines suitable for Shrink Wrapping