Minipack card 5.0

Minipacks Range

MPT Packaging UK & Ireland was founded in 2008 in joint venture with Minipack-torre Italy. We have acted as a direct supply channel between Italy to the UK and Ireland. 

Our expertise allows us to support all Minipack products providing spare parts, service and sales. We pride ourselves on providing quality, superior value shrink packaging machines. From chamber to automatic wrapping machines we have the knowledge and support system to provide you with the right solution at the right price.

Minipacktorre packaging machinery is built with quality in mind. Their shrink wrapping expertise gives their machines a massive performance and durability advantage. Made for the value hungry consumer their range of side sealing machines are built to be adaptable across a multitude of industries. Explore our wide range of automatic side sealers and find a machine that will suit your needs best. 

All of Minipacks chamber and Semi Automatic L-Sealers are available on ad-hoc delivery service. You can also place an enquiry with us directly through our contact for and one of our representatives will be in touch.  If you would like to browse through any of these machines please follow the store link below.