Fresh Produce Packaging

The fresh produce sector within the UK and Ireland has been of massive cultural significance. There has been a growing trend towards reducing the amount of packaging used for fresh produce. This is driven by concerns over plastic waste and its impact on the environment. One example of this trend is the increasing use of biodegradable and recyclable materials for packaging. These include items such as based trays with recyclable lidding film.
Another trend is the use of packaging that  extends shelf life of fresh produce, reducing food waste. For example, packaging that controls the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide around the produce, such as breathable films, can help to maintain freshness for longer.


Pack Styles For Fresh Produce

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Packaging Films Recommended for Fresh Produce

Recently we have launched a new patented targeted at the  fresh produce sector. Our 28-layer POF film is a multilayer PE based film. It is fully recyclable and has demonstrated compatibility with the PE flexibles mechanical recycling stream.

This film provides a low barrier which while allowing the exchange of oxygen in and out of the pack. This permeability of the film ensures that moisture and contaminants stay out of the product. It allows the exchange of gases in and out of the bag. This exchange of gases allows the produce to breath and can help extend the products shelf life.

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Packaging Machines for Fresh Produce Applications

Horizontal Flow Wrapping 

Normally we recommend inverted flow wrappers for fresh produce due to its uneven lengths and distinct characteristics of each product. However, Tomatoes can be wrapped in plain film, and we have seen an increase in the demand for tomatoes without a bag.

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Vertical Form Fill Packaging Machines

One of the most common methods of packaging within this sector. Impulse sealing is used to chop through salad without getting stuck inside a thermal sealing jaw.

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Used in some countries for over-the-counter salads and premade meals this form of packaging reduces the amount of plastic compared to standard trays while offering an increase in product shelf life.

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Machines suitable for Fresh Produce