Bakery Industry

Bakeries in the UK & Ireland are a huge tradition, with baked goods in high demand on supermarket shelves. We have seen it all, from scones to sponge cake we have provided solutions for every type of application. It is fair to say baked goods have a special place in our heart. Since 1987 over 60% of Record Packaging’s customers have been based in the bakery sector. As a UK based company this provides us with the unique insight of being able to understand and meet the needs of this sector.

Baked Goods Packaging Corner

 Applications of our Machines

  • Scones
  • Muffins
  • English Muffins
  • Burger Buns
  • Bread Rolls
  • Bread / Sliced Bread
  • Bread Sticks
  • Soda bread
  • Baguettes
  • Shortbread
  • Cornish Pastries
  • Pies
  • Cheesecake
  • Pizza Base / Fresh Pizzas
  • Lebanese Flat Bread / Greek Style Flat Bread
  • Flour Tortillas / Buckwheat Tortillas / Corn Tortillas
  • Croissants
  • Sandwiches
  • Chocolate Pastries
  • Barmbrack
  • Biscuits, Biscuits, and more biscuits

Pack Styles

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OPP Packaging Film for Bakery Products

We have a range of mono-opp films for standard bakery applications. This can be done in high volume using flexoprinting or low volume orders using digital printing methods. We can print up to 8 colours on standard OPP. This film has a rigid and crinkly feel and texture to it. It is part of the mechanical recycling stream and is used on most short life bakery products.


High Barrier Packaging Films for Long Life Bakery Products

Product characteristics and your bakery environment will determine product shelf life. We have collaborated with many companies in the bakery sector to determine different film characteristics and MAP additives which can aid shelf life. Normally a mixture between film and gas is required to maximise the products shelf life.


Special Packaging Films for Bakery Products

Here at Record our design team has worked tirelessly with several converters to provide unique solutions for the bakery sector. We have worked a lot with peel and re-seal applications to improve a products shelf life and reduce their overall CO2 emissions.

Horizontal Flow Wrap for the Bakery Sector

For bakery products, the packaging film should offer excellent barrier properties to maintain freshness. Polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films are widely used due to their clarity, durability, and ability to keep moisture out. Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) and Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) are also popular for their high gloss, enhancing product appeal. They all can be heat-sealed, a necessity for the horizontal flow wrap process. Special films with anti-fog properties are recommended for products that may condensate, ensuring the product remains visible and appealing. These materials balance protection, presentation, and machine compatibility.

Box motion flow wrap machinery is crucial for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of bakery products. It ensures an airtight seal, crucial for MAP’s effectiveness in extending shelf life by replacing oxygen with inert gas. Additionally, its precision wrap and seal capability maintain product integrity and optimal freshness.

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Vertical Form Film Seal

Products such as breadcrumbs, cake mix, powdered ingredients, cookies, and hard biscuits are ideal for vertical packaging due to their shape and consistency. This method is also suitable for soft items like muffins and groups of bread rolls as the vertical drop can be gentle, reducing potential damage.




L – Sealer for Bakery Sector

This is a common type of packaging method for small bakeries. The packaging leaves a neat presentation and can often be seen on the shelves of most supermarkets.

Automatic L-Sealers are often used for grouped product that needs to be packaged in a tray.

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Thermoformer Corner

Thermoform Packaging for Bakery

Our thermoforming application is often used for long life bakery products. It provides hermetic seals and uses combination of vacuum and gas to reduce residual oxygen levels to 0.01% to maximise product shelf life.

Long Life Packaging with Bakery Products

As specified above MAP options are available to increase life bakery of products. This is achieved using High Barrier films.

At Record we supply an array of different high barrier film for each specific machine application. We have worked with film manufacturers and machine manufacturers to provide complete solutions to help increase customers shelf life.

To learn more about increasing your products shelf life please contact us direct for a full evaluation.

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