Safa Food partnered with Record Packaging, a renowned packaging machinery provider in Ireland and the UK, to bring about a packaging process revolution. By introducing the state-of-the-art ‘Zebra’ box motion machine, Record Packaging empowered Safa Food to enhance their packaging operations significantly. By streamlining operations and improving efficiency, SAFA Foods experienced remarkable improvements in productivity, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Incorporating advanced features, the ‘Zebra’ box motion machine, provided by Record Packaging in collaboration with Safa Food, has brought remarkable operational benefits to Safa Food’s packaging process. This machine offers a top and bottom side labeller, facilitating the application of sell by date information on the packaging. Moreover, its user-friendly interface streamlines operation and minimizes the learning curve for Safa Food’s employees. With its intuitive controls and easily adjustable production speed and printable information, operators can efficiently set up and operate the packaging process. Additionally, the installation of a push-down paddle ensures a more compact naan bread, optimizing valuable shelf space. Leveraging the MAP packaging style, this machine significantly extends the shelf life of the naan bread, ensuring prolonged freshness.

Safa Food

Safa Food, a Dublin-based, family-operated business, specializes in crafting freshly baked bread and delightful confections that cater to customers globally. With its establishment dating back to 2005, the company boasts a remarkable 18-year journey, embodying a wealth of expertise and dedication invested into the creation of each item, all rooted in authentic recipes. Sourcing the right packaging is essential for Safa for its distribution and quality control.

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Problems Faced

SAFA Foods had been using outdated and manual packaging processes, which were time-consuming and labour-intensive. This process resulted in slower production speeds and a higher risk of human errors, impacting efficiency and productivity. SAFA Foods needed a solution to increase the production speed of their naan bread packaging process. One major concern was to display their products sell by date, as it was necessary to comply with regulations.


Our Solution

While looking for a solution Safa Food reached out to Record Packaging directly. They provided Record with the dimensions of the product and their desired output.  For SAFA Food, we introduced a state-of-the-art box motion machine, the ‘Zebra’ which proved to be the perfect answer to their packaging challenges. This machine is very adaptable and customizable, allowing for seamless integration with automatic feeding systems and production lines.  It can pack between 80-100ppm (products per minute). This greatly increased Safa Food’s production time, saving cost on labour times. The machine also utilises MAP packaging, (Modified Atmosphere Packaging.) By creating a controlled atmosphere within each package, our Box Motion Machine effectively reduced oxygen levels, which is the primary cause of product deterioration.

Operational Benefits

This machine came equipped with a top and bottom side labeller, allowing sell by date information to be applied to the packaging. The machine’s user-friendly interface simplifies operation and reduces the learning curve for SAFA Foods’ employees. With intuitive controls, the machine enables operators to set up and operate the packaging process efficiently. The screen display allows operators to quickly adjust production speed and the printable information. A push down paddle was installed to help the naan more compact which will optimise shelf space. The MAP packaging style of this machine has greatly extended the shelf life. This has helped the naan bread stay fresher for considerably longer.