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Record Packaging’s mission is to reduce our customers costs by providing high quality packaging solutions. We offer A wide range of machines: horizontal flow wrappers, shrink wrapping machines, thermoforming machines, vacuum, vertical form filling.

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50 years of Expertise

Record Packaging  Systems Limited has over 50 Years of industry experience in providing alternative packaging solutions. We have seen the market advance from mechanical to electric, from paper to email and from hand feeding to robotic feeding. Within the packaging machinery industry we have become trend setters. We have provided turn-key packaging solutions for every industry. The packaging machinery we supply is designed by the best in class of Italian engineering.

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Innovation in Action

  • The first 180mm Centrax machine with split shaft and cut away jaws specifically designed to pack high products for the bakery industry.
  • The first adjustable knife for a rotary jaw machine.
  • Our new range of Servo-motor controlled machines offer automatic size change with no product, no bag features and misplaced product.
  • Our packaging machines are tailor fitted for each client. All our packaging machines come with a secured minimum of 10 years availability of electronic components from our suppliers.
  • Over the last 30 years we have developed a range of automatic feeding systems to suit many different products. From a simple mechanical gravity feed magazine to a complex servo controlled high-speed system running at up to 1200 packs per minute. Click here to see automatic machinery


We only supply packaging machinery and equipment proven in the field and guarantee greater machine quality than our competitors. We offer state of the art Italian manufacturing at the most affordable prices.


We have over 50 years experience in the packaging industry. We have seen the litany of issues that businesses face and we know how to help them achieve their fullest potential.


Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. We will always put the customer first and ensure we keep an open communication to continually satisfy them.


We designed our software with the end user in mind, putting and emphasis on ease of use and flexibility.

Meet the Team

Ed Murphy

Managing Director

Edward Murphy, Managing Director, is the authority behind this company. With over 30 years’ experience, he knows packaging machines inside out, their limitations, their features, and their manufacturing design. Edward knows precisely how our packaging machines and equipment will increase your efficiency and productivity. He has built up a large network of international partners which has enabled us to deliver the right solutions for our customer base. When Edward takes on your project he also takes on full responsibility ensuring a no risk scenario for the end user.

Robert Murphy

Technical Director

After 10 Years of working in Record Packaging Systems Limited Roberts role is to ensure that we are providing customers with outstanding service and support. He is the manager of the office operations in Manchester. Robert ensures our team meets the high service standards expected by our customer base.

Andrew Murphy

Operations Director

Andrew joined the business back in 2018. In his teenage years he spent much time fixing and dismantling flow wrappers in the company’s headquaters in Manchester. Now in his 5th year in the business Andrew is leading Records expansion into the Irish market.

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Precision built-in

Value Insured Quality

40 years consistently adapting packaging solutions

In many ways we would like to think that experience in a sector can set you apart. At Record UK we believe that solutions are ever changing as technology advances. What we have achieved year on year is delivering efficient high quality packaging machines. Our packaging machines are precision engineered by the best in Italian manufacturing.

Improved equipment efficiency

Evaluating your OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness)

At Record Packaging we provide tailored solutions. Our packaging experience has enabled us to establish key links between manufactures to deliver bespoke and impressive packaging solutions. Our extensive packaging network enables us to deliver complete packaging systems at unbeatable value. We communicate with our customers to ensure seamless integration from intstallation to maintenance.

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