Record Banshee 500
Record Banshee - 500

Record Small Flow Wrapper

Or small range of flow wrappers are available in the Bottom Seal & Top Seal model, is the most ideal solution for variable product solutions. Our in house designed software has optimised for operator usability. These flow wrappers are priced for the entry level flow wrap.  

This wrapper is available in the Bottom Seal & Top Seal model, which is perfect for packaging with longitudinal sealing on the bottom or top part of the package.

This high-performance flow wrapper is designed with a steal body to ensure sustainability and hygiene. It is ideal for small to medium products and can produce up to 240 packs per minute with a double Jaw. It is extremely energy efficient and is our most popular flow wrapper throughout the UK and Ireland. It is available with 120 or 150 centrax jaws. 

Our software has been designed in house and modified over the years to ensure ease of use amongst our customers. All machines come with 1 year’s parts warranty and option of 5-year preventative maintenance.

  • Compact Size, High Performance
  • High Technology for Medium Speed
  • Small and medium size product
  • Suitable for regular products
  • Omron, Siemens or Schneider Electronics
  • Up to 1 meter infeed extension
  • Mild Steel Lugs, Stainless Lugs or Plastic Lugs
  • Barrett transfer Rollers
  • Belt infeed/ Push infeed
  • 5 Years Preventive Maintenance