Pratika MPS 56T

Pratika 56 T-MPS

Leading in technology and innovation our Pratika MPS-T is developed for side sealing. This machine enables tighter bags with more versatility than a standard L-sealer. Able to produce greater speeds and with the ability to package any length of product this can be used for various shrink wrap applications. 

The PRATIKA 56 T-MPS is by far Minipacks most versatile packaging machine on the market. Its currently our most popular seller. Its dynamic features and design has enabled it to become one of the most versatile automatic shrink-wrappers on the market at the moment. 

This shrink wrap machine is enabled for continuous motion and centre sealing. This enables it to wrap products of any length. Coupled with Minipacktorres easily accessible user interface makes this machine every packaging enthusiasts must have machine.

Minipack build their machines with safety in mind. This shrink wrap machine also includes a standalone electrical system located at the back and is fully compliant with EC regulation. Its electric power supply means that no pneumatic pump is needed. 

Made in Minipacks factory in Dalmine it is available to view in our warehouse in Manchester.  Please feel free to enquire below and speak to one of our packaging experts.

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  • Up to 60 packs per minute
  • Max reel 350×700
  • Mild Steel 
  • Schneider Electrics 
  • Single Phase 
  • 230V 
  • No length limits
  • Central Sealing
  • Biometric Reader
  • Photocell For Printed Film
  • Product Safety Photocell Kit
  • Barcode Reader
  • Wireless Push Button kit
  • Box for Remote Support
  • Film End Photocell Kit
  • Guides for Unstable Products
  • Electric Perforating Kit