Plexi 60

Plexi 60

Developed for the magazine and print indusry the plexi is one of Minipacks most unique solutions available. It can reach speeds of up to 60 rotations a minute and its intuitive design makes it the ideal solution for presentation and usability. Producing less waste than a traditional l-sealer this solution can provide the . 

The Plexi 60 is a horizontal bagging machine. Its extreme compactness and fully automatic operation allows for precision cutting which gives your product a clean and professional finish. The machine can pack up to 30 packs per minute depending on product size.

It was designed for packaging magazines, but its applications can fit a wide range of different applications. It can be combined with the 50 twin tunnel.

It can package any product that with dimensions up to the size A3 420 x 300 mm a height up to 32 mm.

Cost Effective