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The Panda flow wrap is available in the Bottom Seal & Top Seal model. This machine can reach up to 300ppm and provides an ideal solution for higher speeds packaging large products. Available with 180 and 150 centrax with a cutaway jaw optional transfer options. Its in house designed software has optimised the machine for operator usability. 

Due to the bespoke nature of the machine, the Panda flow wrap packaging machine proves suitable for packaging all types of solid products, foods and non-foods, up to a speed of 300 packages per minute.

The use of high quality mechanical and electronic materials in building the machine ensure constant production efficiency over time and an excellent finished package results.

The Panda flow pack machine is designed to be integrated with a series of magazines and automatic feeders systems.

Available in the “Bottom Seal” model, ideal for packaging with longitudinal sealing on the bottom part of the package, it proves suitable for easy to transport products.

The machine can be fitted with sealing head in the SS Long Dwell “D” Motion Head version in order to achieve improved sealing and better protected packaging.

The MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) model is recommended when packaging in a modified atmosphere is required.

The elimination or drastic reduction of the oxygen present in food packages considerably prolongs the shelf life of products.

  • High Technology for Medium Speed
  • Up to 300 Packs per Minute
  • Small and medium size product
  • Suitable for regular products
  • Modified Atmosphere
  • Max at 200 Packs per Minute
  • Suitable For Small & Medium Products
  • Versatile With Irregular Products 
  • Records Fatest Top Seal Machine
  • 180 or 150 Centrax 
  • Parker or Schneider Electronics
  • Up to 5 meter infeed extension
  • Mild Steel Lugs, Stainless Lugs or Plastic Lugs
  • Barrett Rollers
  • Belt infeed/ Push infeed
  • 5 Years Preventive Maintenance