Pack Styles

There are many different packaging styles in the packaging industry. Products require different styles to suit their shape, size and to maintain product integrity.

Packaging style selection is very important. It must complement the features of the product, the necessities for distribution, and the objectives of branding.

Pillow packs

Two sheets of flexible material are sealed together on three sides to produce pillow packs. Snack foods, sweets, and other small objects are frequently placed in them.

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Doy Bag Corner


Doy Packs have a special fold at the bottom. This allows the package to stand vertically when filled. Doy-packs can be made with different features such as zip-lock closures and notches for easy opening.

Gusseted Bags

Gusseted bags are a type of flexible pack style. It has extra material on the sides. This creates a stronger packet for heavier products.

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Skin Pack Corner

Skin Pack

A product is completely enclosed in skin packaging on a skin-board by means of a vacuum-sealed, thin sheet of polyolefin film. Seafood, tools, hardware, and other things are packaged with it.

Vacuum Pack

package’s shelf life can be increased via vacuum packing, which eliminates air and seals the container to create an airtight environment.

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sachet Corner


Sachets are small, pliable, single-use containers that are frequently constructed of foil or laminated plastic. Individual portions of goods like condiments, shampoo, coffee, and other tiny items are frequently packaged in this pack style.


Trays are a rigid in their pack style. They are typically made from plastics, paperboard, or molded fiber. Trays are used to package food, hardware, electronics, and other products

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Shrink Wrap Corner

Shrink Wrap

sort of packaging called shrink wrap uses heat to compress plastic film firmly around an object. Shrink wrap machines, which are frequently used for food, drinks, and electronics, work by applying heat to plastic wrapping around product. 

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is kind of pack style where goods are wrapped and fastened on pallet using thin, elastic-plastic film.

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