Tunnel 70 Digit

The TUNNEL 70 DIGIT is a heat-shrinking tunnel that can handle larger products with ease. It is suitable for various industries that need to package their products securely and attractively, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronics

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Production speed Up to x ppm
Reel Dimensions 600mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 240mm)

Height (mm)

Length (Min 810mm)

Power Consumption 400V 3Ph 14.5kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Machine Dimensions Length xmm

Width 390mm

Height 680mm

Weight 483kg



  • With the Manual Belt Height Adjustment feature, the user can adjust the height of the belt to suit the product being packaged.
  • The Digital Display has 9 programs that can be customized to meet specific packaging requirements.
  • The Auto-rotating feature can be selected to rotate the rollers automatically. This feature can be useful for packaging products that require even distribution of heat.
  • The product conveyor allows for smooth and efficient movement of products through the machine.
  • The Adjustable double air baffles enable the user to regulate the flow of hot air, to optimise shrinkage presentation.
  • The Auto-off program ensures that the machine shuts off automatically after the packaging process is completed, helping to conserve energy.
  • The Outfeed roller conveyor is provided as standard, making it easy for the packaged product to be transported away from the machine.
  • The machine has Two separate chambers, each seperate temperature control. This feature allows for precise temperature regulation and ensures that the product is packaged to the required standard.

With its larger dimensions, the TUNNEL 70 DIGIT is the ideal heat-shrinking tunnel for businesses that require packaging solutions for larger products. Food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and also electronic industries commonly use heat shrinking tunnels to package their products. They provide a protective and attractive packaging for their products. This machine is designed to meet a variety of packaging needs as it is equipped with modernised and also aesthetic features. The TUNNEL 70 DIGIT seamlessly operates with different types of heat-shrink films. Its versatility allows businesses to package products of various sizes without the need for multiple machines. This not only saves money, but also increases efficiency in the packaging process.


  1. Protection: Heat shrinking tunnels offer superior protection for products during shipping and handling. The tight seal around the product prevents damage from moisture, dust, and other external factors.
  2. Attractive appearance: Heat shrinking tunnels create a professional and also visually appealing package. This increases sales by making products attractive to consumers.
  3. Versatility: A wide range of products are packed using heat shrinking tunnels.  Food and beverage items to electronics and consumer goods are often packaged using these machines.
  4. Cost-effective: Heat shrinking tunnels can help reduce costs by streamlining the packaging process, minimizing waste, and also decreases the need for additional protective materials.
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