The FM77A EVO-A is a semi-automatic heat shrink packaging machine with a sealing bar of 840×590 mm. It has a dedicated electronic card and double display.

The iconic FM77A is revitalized by combining dependability and ease of use. We ensure reliability, safety, speed, and also spare part availability.


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Production speed Up to 7ppm
Reel Dimensions 800 mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 500mm)

Height (200mm)

Length (Min 800mm)

Power Consumption 400V 3Ph 7.5kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Machine Dimensions Length 3120mm

Width 1000mm

Height 1180mm

Weight 338kg


  • Option of Having automatic work cycle.
  • Product ejection and automatic lid opening
  • Frontal control interface: user-friendly programming
  • Standard sealing bars Increased productivity and enhanced sealing using a liquid cooling system
  • Revolutionary upper hood attachment, simplified maintenance
  • Sealing blade safety control: a safer machine
  • Rolling support with a larger diameter (300 mm)
  • Packaging plate independent of roll support: suited for small product packaging using the same film roll.
  • Continuous and precise perforation using an innovative micropuncher
  • Double display: two digital displays for programs and settings, plus a four-digit piece counter.
  • 6 programs control panel digital simple to use
  • Counterpieces are included: more comprehensive equipment
  • Frontal door access to the power board
  • Higher screened plate: more heating components are protected.
  • Superior shrinking performance thanks to a more powerful fan motor.
  • The addition of a safety thermostat to the heating components results in a safer machine.
  • New rubber support without adhesive Hood safety system: increased operator safety






The FM77A EVO-A heat shrink chamber machine – a cutting-edge packaging technology with advanced features that elevate your packaging process. A standout feature of the FM77A EVO-A is its independent packaging plate. It is perfect for small product packaging with the same film roll. With a dual digital display system, including a four-digit piece counter, and a user-friendly six-program control panel, customization becomes a breeze. Experience exceptional shrinking performance, thanks to the robust fan motor. Additionally, with this heat shrink chamber machine, operator safety is enhanced with an adhesive-free rubber support and the Hood safety system.

This machine goes above and beyond with standard sealing bars, ensuring increased productivity and enhanced sealing through a cutting-edge liquid cooling system. Maintenance is simplified with the revolutionary upper hood attachment. Plus, its sealing blade safety control makes it a safer choice for your operations.

Furthermore, it features rolling support with a larger diameter (300 mm), adding to its versatility.

This machine is capable of packaging a wide variety of products across many sectors. Upgrade your packaging process with confidence

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