Production speed Up to 5ppm
Reel Dimensions 500 mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 250mm)

Height (160mm)

Length (Min 400mm)

Power Consumption 230V 1Ph 3.45kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Machine Dimensions Length 1160mm

Width 700mm

Height 1120mm

Weight 136kg


  • Sealing bar cooling that increases productivity and improves sealing.
  • Soft Shrink fan speed adjustment that enables perfect heat-shrinking on light or flexible products, with no opening of sealed areas. This feature is also extremely quiet and has an exclusive patent.
  • High-performance steel resistors that reduce shrinking time by 50% and heating time by 60%
  • Waste rewinder that boosts productivity by 20%.
  • Comfort Zone Fan Stop, a “green” solution that saves 20% more energy and enhances operator comfort by stopping the fan when the chamber opens.
  • A new latest-generation board with quality components and a 4-digit display.



The FM 75  Chamber heat shrink machine is a continuation of our commitment to excellence. This easy to use, eco-friendly efficient chamber machine is the ideal companion for any small to medium sized production. The FM range is known for its outstanding commitment to reliability, ease of use, and durability.

These heat shrink machine is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern business environment. The machine  focuses on innovation and adaptability. The Comfort Zone Fan Stop is an environmentally-friendly solution that offers 20% energy savings and improved operator comfort during packaging operations. It achieves this by automatically stopping the fan when the chamber is opened. Soft Shrink’s fan speed adjustment feature ensures optimal heat shrinking, even for delicate or flexible products, without compromising the seal integrity. The machine operates at very low noise levels and includes an exclusive patent.


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Pack Styles

Pillow Bag

A pillow bag

Automatic sleeve wrapper

Automatic sleeve wrapper

Big Bag of Nuts