MS 70 -1

A sleeve-wrapping machine designed to wrap multiple products compactly for easy transport.

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Production speed Up to 12 ppm
Reel Dimensions 350×680 mm
Product Dimensions Width (600mm)

Height (400mm)

Length (1300mm)

Power Supply 220/400 V
Power Consumption 15 kWh
Electronic Package Schneider
Dimensions Length 3800 mm

Width 2050 mm

Height  2130 mm

Infeed Belt Height 400mm


Machine Features.

  • Feed belt arranged at 90°
  • Pneumatic pusher with multi-row preassembly
  • Sealing bar with a film cutting blade (no smoke during the sealing step)
  • Height of the worktop: 850 +/-25mm
  • Photoelectric cell that blocks the sealing bar if it encounters an obstacle in its path
  • Passage opening under the sealing bar 230 mm
  • Automatic wrapping system of the film reels with dragging rollers
  • Heat-shrinking film reels with max diameter 300 mm – thickness between 35 and 100 microns
  • Temperature of the sealing bar and the tunnel is controlled by temperature-control devices
  • Heat-shrinking tunnel insulated with rock wool and heated with resistors. Forced ventilation with air circulation
  • Heat-shrinking tunnel Length 1100 mm with air circulation system
  • Internal conveyor belt in the heat-shrinking Tunnel, driven by a gear motor with adjustable speed and featuring a thin steel mesh grate with side chains
  • Switch to change the cycle from automatic to manual
  • Installed power 10kW
  • Average electricity consumption is reduced by about 40% during normal operation
  • Air consumption 140 Nl/min
  • Pneumatic components that work with non-lubricated dry air
  • Power supply: Option between 3phases 220V and 400V 3phases + N + T
  • Machines compatible with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Developed by Mini Pack Torre, our range of sleeve wrapping machines is known for their exceptional flexibility as well as  a wide range of models that offer efficient, reliable, and high-performance packaging solutions. The MS 70 – 1 sleeve wrappers are ideal for packaging small and also medium-sized items. These include  canned goods, water bottles, and cans, in flat heat-shrink plastic film. With a 90° loading belt, these machines make it easy to group products for bundling. MS 70 – 1 model is driven by a variable speed motor. It is controlled by an inverter. The machine can produce up to 12 packages per minute.

Applications of a Sleeve Wrapping  Machine include

  •  The food and beverage industry for packaging cans, bottles, and other containers.
  • Pharmaceuticals. Examples are tablets and capsules, providing a secure and tamper-evident package.
  • Consumer goods such as soaps, shampoos, and other household items.
  • Industrial products such as automotive parts, electrical components, and hardware.

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