MS 70


The latest line of bundling machine from Record Packaging boasts models that are highly versatile, efficient, reliable, and high-performing. With these qualities, users can expect to achieve optimal working conditions regardless of the situation they find themselves in.

Meanwhile, the machines in the MS series are designed to be incredibly simple to operate. They feature a sturdy, one-piece construction. They have a safety photocell that automatically stops the sealing bar when it detects an obstacle.

The MS bundling machine can wrap either individual or multiple products using polyethylene film. They offer a wide variety of options to meet different wrapping needs.

Also available in stainless steel, the MS 70 INOX  is ideal for ensuring sanitary environment to suit industry standards.

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Production speed Up to 12 ppm
Reel Dimensions 350×680 mm
Product Dimensions Width (600mm)

Height (380mm)

Length (1300mm)

Power Supply 220/400 V
Power Consumption 10 kWh
Electronic Package Schneider
Dimensions Length 2890 mm

Width 1200 mm

Height  1980 mm

Infeed Belt Height 400mm



  • Utilizes a pneumatic pusher in line with a scraper
  • Hot bar-sealing bar type with cold blade film cutting
  • Equipped with a safety photocell that stops the sealing bar when an obstacle is detected
  • Features a passage opening of 380 mm under the sealing bar
  • Automatic upper and lower system for film reel unwinding using dragging rollers
  • Heat-shrinking tunnel is 1300 mm in length with an air circulation system
  • Adjustable speed conveyor belt in the tunnel
  • Installed power of 20 kW, with average electricity consumption reduced by approximately 40% during normal operation
  • Air consumption of 15 nl/min
  • Pneumatic components operate with non-lubricated dry air
  • Can be switched between manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Power supply options of 3phases 220V and 400V 3phases + N + E
  • Compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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