Semiautomatic or automatic with motorised belt before and after sealing bar

The MS L and AL range models of Bundling Machine with an incorporated tunnel are ideal for integrating into production lines as they are designed for automatic management of the line infeed and outfeed exchange signals. This  makes them a convenient solution.

These machines are capable of wrapping both individual and multiple products in polyethylene film. They can wrap products up to 1500 mm in length. The control selector allows the operator to choose between automatic or semi-automatic mode, suiting the requirements of the task at hand.

Bundling packaging machines are designed to wrap multiple products together in a tight bundle using materials such as polyethylene film. They are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods to package products such as bottles, cans, and boxes.

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Production speed Up to 10 ppm
Reel Dimensions 350×880 mm
Product Dimensions Width (800mm)

Height (380mm)

Length (1500mm)

Power Supply 220/400 V
Power Consumption 14 kWh
Electronic Package Schneider
Dimensions Length 3900 mm

Width 1500 mm

Height  1980 mm

Infeed Belt Height  400mm
  • Sealing bar equipped with a film cutting blade that produces no smoke during the sealing step
  • Worktop height set at 850 +/- 25mm
  • Air consumption of 8 NL/min and air supply required at 6 bar
  • Power supply options include 3phases 220V and 400V 3phases + Neutral
  • Photoelectric cell that blocks the sealing bar in case of obstruction
  • Automatic wrapping system with dragging rollers for film reel handling
  • Heat-shrinking film reels with maximum diameter of 350 mm and thickness between 35 and 100 microns
  • Heat-shrinking tunnel with rock wool insulation, resistors for heating, and forced air circulation
  • PID temperature controllers for sealing bar and tunnel temperature control
  • Internal conveyor belt in the heat-shrinking tunnel driven by a gear motor with adjustable speed and featuring a steel grid shaped like a thin mesh with side chains
  • Switch for changing the cycle from automatic and manual to semi-automatic with a pedal control.

MS90 AL bundle wrap machine – the ultimate solution for efficient packaging. This machine comes equipped with a sealing bar that includes a film cutting blade. It operates without producing any smoke during the sealing process. This ensures a clean and safe working environment.

The worktop height is set at 850 +/- 25mm for ergonomic operation. It requires an air consumption of 8 NL/min and an air supply at 6 bar. This makes it both efficient and reliable.  Choices of 3 phases at 220V or 400V with a neutral connection available.

Safety is a priority in the bundle wrap machine with the inclusion of a photoelectric cell that prevents the sealing bar from moving in case of obstructions. The automatic wrapping system, complete with dragging rollers for handling film reels, streamlines the packaging process.

This machine can handle heat-shrinking film reels with a maximum diameter of 350 mm and a film thickness ranging from 35 to 100 microns. Rock wool insulation, heating resistors, and forced air circulation equip the heat-shrinking tunnel, allowing precise temperature control through the use of PID temperature controllers.

Within the heat-shrinking tunnel, a gear motor powers an internal conveyor belt at an adjustable speed, equipped with a steel grid designed in a thin mesh pattern with side chains to ensure efficient heat distribution. Additionally, a switch allows for easy cycling between automatic, manual, and semi-automatic modes, with pedal control for added convenience.

The MS90 AL bundle wrap machine offers a comprehensive packaging solution great for many different sectors. It combines efficiency, safety, and versatility in one remarkable package. Elevate your bundling and packaging processes with this top-of-the-line machine.

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