The X-BAG EVO is the ultimate solution for those who need to package small quantities of items like fresh food, industrial components, or instructional manuals quickly. This vertical bagging machine has the capability of sealing different shapes, hermetically sealed containers, and an array of films.

Featuring PLC and touchscreen control, the X-BAG EVO provides an efficient alternative to both manual and automated packaging. It simplifies the packaging process, reduces operating and maintenance costs, and ultimately increases profit margins.

With its small size, the X-BAG EVO is both convenient and functional. It can operate in continuous or pulse-based mode, making it suitable for use in any setting, including smaller areas. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and settings such as bakeries, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, health and medical facilities, hardware stores, logistics centres, spare parts warehouses, and manufacturing.

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Power Supply 240 V
Hourly Output 0-1000
Max Reel Dimensions  360/410/520 mm
Film thickness 15/50 micron
Types of Film that can be used Polyethylene, polyolefin, macro-perforated, coupled, biodegradable films, cartene plastic, printed films)
Machine weight (Net/Gross) 170
Horizontal sealing double metal strip and cutting line
Machine Dimensions 800x850x1500 mm



  • This compact vertical bagging machine is designed to save space, measuring 140 cm in height and 80×85 cm in base size.
  • Its simple structure and operation make it easy to use in continuous or pulse-based mode, reducing machine setup, loading, programming, and maintenance time.
  • The machine features a hermetic three-seal closure and proprietary sealing technique that can seal any type of film, ensuring maximum air-tightness for both lightweight items like powders or granules and heavier items up to 5 kg.
  • The X-Bag is extremely economical, reducing processing times and labor costs associated with bagging while also saving on packaging materials.
  • Quick change collars reduce machine downtime and increase production output.