Shrink Wrapping Machine PRATIKA 80-T MPS

The PRATIKA 80-T MPS automatic shrink wrapping machine

The PRATIKA 80-T MPS has continuous sealing. It has a sealing bar of 700mm x ∞. The machine is fully electrical and servo-assisted.

Pratika 80-T MPS is an unique shrink wrapping machine that symbolizes a perfect combination of dependability, high performance, adaptability, and safety, redefining how automated packaging machines with shrink films are conceived.

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Production speed Up to 50ppm
Reel Dimensions Min 350mm – Max 1000mm
Product Dimensions Width (Max 750mm)

Height (Max 360mm)

Length (Max .∞ mm)

Power Supply 230V 50/60Hz 1Ph
Power Consumption 3kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Dimensions Length 2785mm

Width 2490mm

Height 1770 mm

Infeed Belt Height 915mm


  • Dual-core processors for powerful performance
  • Signalling of roll and film opening roller positioning on the set product height
  • Closed loop sealing bar actuation frame for smooth motion reducing wear.
  • Self Adjusting Triangle Sealing Bar using the display
  • Independently Controlled Infeed and Outfeed Belt.
  • FDA compliant food belt that can be added with a zipper for easy opening and closing.
  • Electronic Waste Take Up
  • This machine is 100% electronic and does not need pneumatics.
  • Software Enabled Stand By Features to reduced energy consumption when not in use.
  • Full CE compliance certificate

An automatic shrink wrapping machine has a wide range of benefits and applications in various industries. Some of these include:


  • Increased efficiency and productivity: These machines are capable of handling large quantities of products in a shorter time.
  • Improved product protection: The shrink wrap film provides a protective layer around the product.
  • Reduced packaging costs: Shrink wrap is cost-effective compared to other packaging materials such as boxes, cartons, and bags.
  • Enhanced product presentation: Shrink wrapping provides a neat, professional, and attractive appearance that can improve the product’s marketability.
  • Versatile: Automatic shrink wrapping machines can be used for various products regardless of their shape, size, or weight.


  • Food and beverage industry: extend shelf life and prevent contamination.
  • Pharmaceutical industry:  Products remain sterile and free from contamination.
  • Cosmetics industry: Improves their presentation.
  • Retail industry: Provides protection during shipping and handling.
  • Industrial products: Automatic shrink wrapping machines are used to package industrial products such as automotive parts, electronics, and building materials.

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