Thermoformer Thera 100. An excellent solution for sustainable thermoforming packaging

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Production speed Up to 14 cycles a minute
Top Reel Dimensions

Bottom Reel Dimensions

300 – 400 mm

300 – 420 mm

Maximum Index  Up to 300mm
Loading Area Customiseable
Maximum Pack Depth  220mm
Maximum Thickness of Film between 80 to 800 my
Vacuum Pumps  BUSCH
Electronic Package  Siemens


  • Vacuum Technology (1 pump)
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Skin Packaging Technology
  • Easy Peel option
  • 24 hr Customer Support & Data Management System

Discover the thermoformer THERA 100. A compact, efficient, and affordable thermoforming solution with an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio. Perfectly designed for tight spaces, it delivers exceptional efficiency in vacuum, MAP, and SKIN packaging technologies. Embrace sustainability with the THERA 100, as it features eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge technology. Benefit from a 30% reduction in film waste with its special vacuum system.  Enjoy high-efficiency gear motors, and conserve water with its optional water-recycling cooling circuit. Experience the versatility of 100% recyclable paper and mono-materials support. This thermoformer has the ability to handle reduced film thickness down to 60 microns.

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