MVS52 X & XP

The MVS52 X & XP are trolley vacuum packaging machines with sealing bars of 530 mm


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Production speed Up to 2 ppm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 519mm)

Height (200mm)

Length (Min 399mm)

Power Consumption 400V 3Ph
Electronic Package Schneider
Machine Dimensions Length 618mm

Width 983m

Height 785mm

Weight 155kg






  • Membrane Switch keypad with tactile controls, applied hermetically to the front in order to prevent infiltration of liquids 
  • Control Panel with 10 different packaging programs, customized to the needs of the food industry 
  • Specific alert of the need for oil change 
  • Reading of the vacuum degree obtained inside the chamber 
  • Calibration the packaging machine on variations of atmospheric pressure at different altitudes 
  • Certified by CE/ETL/NSF







MVS X is a cutting-edge vacuum packing machine line that includes high-quality technological content as well as novel features. These products are very user friendly and have a very intuitive design. All models in the series were conceived and produced with the help of chefs and food industry specialists, allowing for the implementation of a rich series of particular features that focus on the demands of professional use. 


The new MVS XP series allows for the vacuum formed in the packing process to be be tracked. It is an innovative and revolutionary development  for the internal vacuum.  Certain versions in the series allow you to print labels for each machining. This displays the most significant information about the packing procedure.

The control panel is a creative and also feature-rich aspect of these chamber vacuum packaging machines. It is a genuine flagship that incorporates several pioneering technology in the food packaging field. The Panel’s high level of interactivity as well as its ease of navigation between tasks allow for speedy operation setup. This allows the operator to arrange even technical assistance interventions giving you peace of mind.

MVS52 X & XP is a popular machine used in kitchens of restaurant and bars. One of the main benefits of using MVS vacuum packaging machines is that they can significantly extend the shelf life.  Perishable foods -meat, fish, and vegetables maintain shelf life for longer when packaged by this machine. By removing the air from the packaging, the growth of bacteria, mold, as well as other microorganisms is slowed down, thus preventing spoilage and waste.

The whole MVS X/XP chamber vacuum packing series has received CE/ETL/NSF certification.