MVS35 X & XP

MVS35 X is a tabletop vacuum packing machine with a sealing bar of 310mm.

The MVS35 X was created in collaboration with prominent chefs. They helped develop the machine and  design the display. This has enabled us to enhance the capabilities offered by the control panel while taking into account the special needs of professional users.


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Production speed Up to 4 ppm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 243mm)

Height (184mm)

Length (Min 325mm)

Power Consumption 230V 1Ph 2.5kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Machine Dimensions Length 390mm

Width 617m

Height 317mm

Weight 53kg


  • Stainless steel (AISI 304)
  • Vacuum cycle with stop
  • Bag scrap cutting device
  • Quick-coupling aluminium sealing bar
  • Clear plastic lid suitable for use with food
  • Volumetric vacuum sensor
  • PE-HD filling tables
  • 10 customisable programs
  • Self-calibration
  • Sealing bar overload safety device
  • Oil and assistance warning light
  • CE/ETL/NSF certification.

This chamber vacuum sealer has an optional kit for inserting inert gases.  You can create up to ten custom programs using the command panel. The display indicates when it is time to change the oil. To prevent liquids from entering the card, the tactile control keypad is adhesive and also affixed to the front of the bodywork.

The vacuum packing machine is fitted with a cutting-edge electronic sensor that reads data directly from the board. This  reads the degree of vacuum achieved inside the chamber. Once in place, the machine can also be calibrated to adjust for differences in atmospheric pressure at various elevations.

Vacuum packaging machines provide numerous benefits such as extending the shelf life of food products, preventing spoilage, preserving freshness and also flavour, reducing food waste, and allowing for efficient and organized storage.

The whole MVS X/XP chamber vacuum packing series has received CE/ETL/NSF certification.