Record Stick Packer

Stick Packing Machines that Achieve Unmatched Productivity

Experience unmatched productivity with our cutting-edge stick packing machine, designed for high outputs and exceptional performance. This intermittent movement machine is  engineered to produce tubular bags sealed on three sides, catering to various product sectors.

Our versatile Stick Pack packaging machine is available in 1 to 20 lane versions. It is an intermittent movement machine used in various product sectors because it has sealing tubular bags on three sides.

Whether it’s solids, powders, granules, liquids, viscous substances, tablets, or individual items, our machine can handle it all.

It has a single heat-sealing film reel and also precise cutting in the desired number of lines. Its user-friendly touch-screen control and reliable servomotors guarantee optimal performance, which makes it incredibly easy to operate.


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Pack Dimensions Min(mm) Max(mm)
Length 35 150
Width 10 140
  • Fully automated stick pack with intermittent movement
  • Pneumatic and servo motors configuration
  • PLC control with touch screen operation
  • Standard automation and control&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/span> <span class=”yoast-text-mark”>class=”yoast-text-mark”>s=”OYPEnA text-decoration-none text-strikethrough-none”>Bosch / Allen Bradley
  • Multiple filler options</li></li>
  • lass=”yoast-text-mark”>ss=”OYPEnA text-decoration-none text-strikethrough-none”>Specialized&lt;/span> =”OYPEnA text-decoration-none text-strikethrough-none”>sealing <
  • span class=””>=”OYPEnA text-decoration-none text-strikethrough-none”>and</span> class=”OYPEnA text-decoration-none text-strikethrough-none”>cooling system</span></li>

Introducing the Record Stick Packer, your gateway to seamless production. This fully automated marvel operates with an intermittent movement, ensuring precision and efficiency at its finest.

The machines performance is staggering due to its pneumatic and servo driven motors. You’re in complete control with a user-friendly PLC and touch screen operation, making adjustments a breeze.

Equipped with standard automation and control systems from trusted names like Bosch and Allen Bradley, you can trust in the reliability of your machine. Plus, the Record Stick Packer offers a range of filler options to cater to your specific product needs.

But that’s not all! Our specialized sealing and cooling system ensures that your stick packs are not only perfectly sealed but also efficiently cooled, maintaining product quality throughout the process. This machine is suitable for a wide array of sectors.

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