The PRATIKA 56 MPE X1 is an automatic packaging machine developed for use with polyolefin shrink film. It comes with a double hatch with clear perspex covers. The latest version of this machine has been designed with great care to meet the needs of the market. The aim was to offer a heat shrink packaging machine that is technologically advanced, versatile and easy to use.

The new PRATIKA 56 MPE X1 is packed with advanced electronic, mechanical and technological features. With its double hatch, this machine can operate on both sides. This makes it even more versatile. It is a reliable and high-performance machine that sets a new standard in the world of automatic packaging machines. This is especially the case for machines that use heat-shrink film. Safety is also a top priority with extensive sensors and software programs to ensure it meets EU, UK & US factory standards.


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Production speed Up to 60ppm
Reel Dimensions Min 300mm – Max 700mm
Product Dimensions Width (Max 450 mm)

Height (Max 160mm)

Length (Max 600 mm)

Power Supply 230V 1Ph
Power Consumption 2.5kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Dimensions Length 2518mm

Width 1240mm

Height 1558 mm

Infeed Belt Height 870mm



  • Fully automated electrical L-sealer
  • 7-inch color touch-screen control panel with 120 user-programmable routines
  • Sealing bar is driven by motorised Schneider Electric brushless motor
  • Opening of the sealing bar can be adjusted using the touch-screen control panel
  • Sealing blade coated with PTFE coating for improved performance
  • Temperature can be adjusted separately for both lenght and breath.
  • Electrical height of triangles can be adjusted using the touch screen
  • Infeed and outfeed belt speed adjusted using Schneider Electric inverter
  • Product transfer belts meet food industry regulations (FDA)
  • Connections available for additional loading and unloading belts
  • Motorised waste unwinder
  • Counter for pieces (partial/life) for statistical analysis
  • Machine stop alert signal is visible and audible
  • Front and back doors open for easy access and maintenance
  • Film tension controlled using weights
  • Machine includes both vertical and horizontal photocells
  • Castors included for easy movement
  • This machine has low energy usage and adhers to EC regulations.


  • Increased efficiency and productivity: These machines are capable of handling large quantities of products in a shorter time. This improves productivity and reduces labour costs.
  • Improved product protection: The shrink wrap film provides a protective layer around the product. Protective layers prevent damage from dust, moisture, as well as other environmental factors.
  • Reduced packaging costs: Shrink wrap is cost-effective compared to other packaging materials such as boxes, cartons, and bags.
  • Enhanced product presentation: Shrink wrapping provides a neat, professional, and attractive appearance that can improve the product’s marketability.
  • Versatile: Automatic shrink wrapping machines can be used for various products regardless of their shape, size, or weight.


  • Food and beverage industry: Automatic shrink wrapping machines are used to wrap perishable goods, such as meat, vegetables, and fruits, to extend their shelf life and prevent contamination.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: These machines are used to wrap drugs, medical devices, and other sensitive products to ensure that they remain sterile and free from contamination.
  • Cosmetics industry: Automatic shrink wrapping machines are used to package cosmetic products such as perfumes, lotions, and creams to provide protection and improve their presentation.
  • Retail industry: These machines are used to shrink wrap products such as books, CDs, DVDs, and electronic devices to improve their presentation and provide protection during shipping and handling.
  • Industrial products: Automatic shrink wrapping machines are used to package industrial products such as automotive parts, electronics, and building materials.

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