Modular 70

The MODULAR 70, is the perfect large format solution for all your semi-automatic wrapping needs. This machine is designed to cater to the demands of the industry while providing flexibility, quality, and excellent value for money.

When it comes to ensuring maximum aesthetic performance, look no further than MODULAR 70 machines. This innovative pieces of equipment enable precise and aesthetically optimal packaging with mutliple film materials.

The Modular 70 range features an electronically controlled welding system and advanced safety devices. Whether you choose to use the machines in automatic or semi-automatic mode, you customise operational programs to streamline the packaging process and significantly boost production yield.

This machine can be combined with any of our shrink tunnel range and is available in both mild and stainless steel versions.

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Production speed Up to 15
Product Dimensions Width (Min 240mm)

Height (mm)

Length (Min 810mm)

Power Consumption 400V 3Ph 2.5kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Machine Dimensions Length 2070mm

Width 960m

Height 1220mm

Weight 290kg








  • Continuous cycle cooling system for extended usage
  • Digital panel with six customizable programs for personalized packaging
  • Teflon-coated sealing blade for superior sealing results
  • Adjustable working height to accommodate a variety of users
  • Double sealing bar with shock absorber for consistent pressure
  • Lockable packaging plate for maximum safety and security
  • Motor-driven conveyor belt with adjustable speed for easy transportation
  • Bar opening delay feature to allow sealer to cool down before the next cycle
  • Product counter to monitor production levels
  • Oversized waste film winder and integrated roll support for convenient waste disposal
  • Built in Reel support
  • Delayed opening bar to cool the sealing area

Applications For the Modular 70

  1. Food packaging: The food industry us L-sealing machines to package a variety of products. Examples are baked goods, fresh produce, meat, and also dairy. These machines can handle various sizes and shapes of products, ensuring that they are properly protected during transport as well as storage.
  2. Industrial packaging: Industrial environments favour L sealing machines . They are used to package products that require protection from dust, moisture, or other environmental factors. These machines are capable of handling large volumes of products with high precision and speed. Manufacturing and distribution centres are ideal homes for these machines.
  3. Retail packaging: Retailers frequently use L sealing machines to package their products for their shelves. These machines can create custom-sized bags or pouches. This provides retailers with the flexibility to package products of various sizes and shapes.

Experience Enhanced Packaging With The Modular 70:

  1. Cost-effective: L-sealing packaging machines are cost-effective packaging solutions that can help businesses save money on materials, labour, and also shipping costs.
  2. Versatile: L-sealing packaging machines can handle various types of packaging materials. These include shrink wrap, polyethylene, and PVC. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.
  3. Efficient: L-sealing packaging machines are highly efficient packaging solutions that can help businesses increase productivity and also reduce waste.
  4. Customizable: L-sealing packaging machines can create custom-sized bags or pouches, providing businesses with the flexibility to package products of various sizes and shapes.

Investing in the Media will help you improve your packaging process. Its compact design make it a smart choice for any packaging facility.

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