The Semi-automatic L-sealing packaging machine known as the Modular 50S offers maximum packaging flexibility and produces high-quality results at an affordable price point. Recently upgraded, this machine can now package items made from any material, delivering exceptional outcomes. It is equipped with an electronically regulated sealing system and also state-of-the-art safety features. The machine can operate in automated or semi-automatic mode and also can be customized to increase efficiency and streamline the process.

Available in Stainless Steel version also, Modular 50S can be combined with The with any of our Minipack Shrink Tunnels.

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Power Supply 230V 50 Hz
Hourly Output 0-900 p/h
Dimensions of sealing bars 540x400mm
Machine Dimensions 1565x750x h.1100
Work surface height 930mm
Machine weight 151/182kg



  • Continuous cycle cooling system for extended usage
  • Digital panel with six customizable programs for personalized packaging
  • Teflon-coated sealing blade for superior sealing results
  • Adjustable working plate to accommodate different products
  • Double sealing bar with shock absorber for consistent pressure
  • Lockable packaging plate for maximum safety and security
  • Motor-driven conveyor belt with adjustable speed for easy transportation
  • Bar opening delay feature to allow sealer to cool down before the next cycle
  • Product counter to monitor production levels
  • Oversized waste film winder and integrated roll support for convenient waste disposal
  • Emergency off switch for added safety
  • Manual or automatic mode options for user preference
  • Castor wheels for ease of mobility


  1. Food packaging: The food industry us L-sealing machines to package a variety of products. These include baked goods, fresh produce, meat, and also dairy. MODULAR 50S  handles various sizes and shapes of products, ensuring they are properly protected during transport as well as storage.
  2. Industrial packaging: Industrial environments favour L sealing machines . They are used to package products that require protection from dust, moisture, or other environmental factors. These machines are capable of handling large volumes of products with high precision and speed. Manufacturing and distribution centres are ideal homes for these machines.
  3. Retail packaging: L-sealing packaging machines are frequently used in retail settings to package products for sale. These machines can create custom-sized bags or pouches. This provides retailers with the flexibility to package products of various sizes as well as different shapes.


  1. Cost-effective: L-sealing packaging machines are cost-effective packaging solutions that can help businesses save money on materials, labour, and also shipping costs.
  2. Versatile: L-sealing packaging machines can handle various types of packaging materials. These include shrink wrap, polyethylene, and PVC. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.
  3. Efficient: L-sealing packaging machines are highly efficient packaging solutions that can help businesses increase productivity and also reduce waste.
  4. Customizable: L-sealing packaging machines can create custom-sized bags or pouches, providing businesses with the flexibility to package products of various sizes and shapes.

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