The Ecomodular is a packaging machine designed for entry-level use and operates using manual L-sealing. It features a sealing bar that measures 540×390 mm. The bottom sealing blade comes equipped with a temperature control system that ensures optimal sealing with all types of film. Complementing this machine is the TUNNEL 50, which comes in two versions: standard (with a fixed plate) and automated (with a product evacuation belt). This technology delivers flawlessly heat-shrunk packaging, making it suitable for any type of packaging requirement.

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Power Supply 230V
Hourly Output 0-550 p/h
Dimensions of sealing bars 540×390 mm
Machine Dimensions 1570x730x h.1100 (sealing fr. closed)
Work surface height 930 mm
Machine weight 101/130 kg








  1. Food packaging: The food industry us L-sealing machines to package a variety of products. These include baked goods, fresh produce, meat, and also dairy. The Ecomodular  handles various sizes and shapes of products, ensuring they are properly protected during transport as well as storage.
  2. Industrial packaging: Industrial environments favour L sealing machines . They are used to package products that require protection from dust, moisture, or other environmental factors. These machines are capable of handling large volumes of products with high precision and speed. Manufacturing and distribution centres are ideal homes for these machines.
  3. Retail packaging: L-sealing packaging machines are frequently used in retail settings to package products for sale. These machines can create custom-sized bags or pouches. This provides retailers with the flexibility to package products of various sizes as well as different shapes.


  1. Cost-effective: L-sealing packaging machines are cost-effective packaging solutions that can help businesses save money on materials, labour, and also shipping costs.
  2. Versatile: L-sealing packaging machines can handle various types of packaging materials. These include shrink wrap, polyethylene, and PVC. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.
  3. Efficient: L-sealing packaging machines are highly efficient packaging solutions that can help businesses increase productivity and also reduce waste.
  4. Customizable: L-sealing packaging machines can create custom-sized bags or pouches, providing businesses with the flexibility to package products of various sizes and shapes.