Record Easy Sealer

Introducing our top and bottom case sealer: a game-changing carton sealing solution. With its unique double drive belts on top and bottom, it redefines how cartons are handled even before sealing. Setting up and maintaining the machine is a breeze thanks to the easy plug & play mode and quick-removal taping head.

Key features of this machine include adjustable carton width and height using ergonomic handles, a 50 mm taping unit, smooth-moving drive belts at 20 meters per minute powered by two motors, achieving up to 20 boxes per minute, depending on size. The machine accommodates a broad range of box dimensions, from small to large. Just plug it into a standard 230v outlet and experience a new level of carton sealing simplicity with SK20.

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Box dimensions

Dimensions L (mm) Min. L (mm) Max. W (mm) Min. W (mm) Max. H (mm) Min. H (mm) Max.
150 140 500 90 500
  • Versatile Adjustment: Easily adjust carton width and height using K11R handles.
  • Dynamic Taping: Equipped with a 50 mm taping unit for optimal sealing.
  • Dual Drive Belts: Utilizes top and bottom drive belts for precise carton movement.
  • Speedy Belts: Drive belts operate at a speed of 20 meters per minute.
  • Dual Motors: Powered by two 0.13 kW motors.
  • Impressive Output: Achieves a maximum output of 20 boxes per minute (average varies based on box dimensions).
  • Enhanced Width Support: Includes top side pressure rollers for cartons with a minimum width of 205 mm.
  • Optional Guides: Upper guides available for box widths less than 205 mm.
  • Box Dimensions: Accommodates carton sizes from a minimum of 150L x 150W x 120H to a maximum of ∞ x 500H x 500H.
  • Simple Power: Operates on a 230v single-phase power supply.