One Wrap, your all-in-one solution for common pallet wrapping needs and <a href=””>automation. This versatile semi-automatic stretch wrapper efficiently secures palletized loads with stretch film, offering you the flexibility to choose between electronic brake options (EM / M / FM) or mechanical and powered pre-stretch carriages. OneWrap simplifies operations with its newly designed, sleek, and intuitive control panel adorned with easily recognizable icons. You can program up to 10 different cycles, ensuring consistent wrapping for your specific products. With 5 distinct modes of operation—Automatic UP ONLY, Automatic UP & DOWN, Automatic UP ONLY + PAUSE FOR TOP SHEET, Automatic UP & DOWN + PAUSE FOR TOP SHEET, and Manual— Record One Wrap adapts to your packaging needs seamlessly. Say goodbye to the complexities of pallet wrapping and embrace efficiency and consistency with  One Wrap.

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<td width=”150″>2400

Max Load Height<strong>(mm)
Max working Load(Kg) 2400
Power Supply 220/240V 50/60Hz
Max Pallet Size (mm) 1550 x 1550
Rotation Speed Up to 12 ppm
  • Various turntables, carriages, and column configurations are available.</li>
  • The carriage is belt-driven for efficient operation.
  • The machine features two forklift access points for easy repositioning.
  • It includes a pallet height photocell for precise wrapping.
  • A reclining column hinged to the base eases machine installation and repositioning.
  • There’s a turntable blocking feature to prevent unwanted movements during loading and unloading.
  • The machine boasts a substantial 2400 kg loading capacity, ensuring it can handle heavy loads with ease.

Introducing the  One Wrap pallet wrapper – a pallet wrapping machine with scale! You have the freedom to choose from a variety of turntable, carriage, and column configurations to match your specific requirements perfectly. This machine is designed to help automate your packaging process.

Our smartly designed machine is belt-driven, ensuring efficient and seamless operation. With two forklift access points, you can effortlessly reposition the One Wrap, enhancing your workflow.

For precise wrapping, our machine comes equipped with a pallet height photocell, guaranteeing accuracy with every wrap. Thanks to the reclining column hinged to the base, you’ll find machine installation and repositioning to be a breeze.

Concerned about stability during loading and unloading? The One Wrap offers a turntable blocking feature to prevent any unintended movements, ensuring a safe and reliable process. Boasting an impressive loading capacity of 2400 kg, this pallet wrapping machine with a scale handles heavy loads effortlessly. Elevate your packaging game with the One Wrap.

The integrated scale allows for the simultaneous wrapping and weighing of pallets. This feature eliminates the need for a separate weighing step, saving time and reducing the handling required, which can also minimize the risk of injury.