MX 4

The MX 4 is a table top vacuum packaging machine with a sealing bar of 450 mm.

MX 4 takes vacuum technology to the next level by providing you with an ultimate kitchen companion.  You can choose from a range of preparations. This machine will package them for you in pouches, jars, or containers in just a few minutes.

If you’re looking to marinate meat, you can with the vacuum cycle designed by a team of expert chefs. You can have your meat infused with maximum flavour and quality, ensuring a perfect dish.


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MX 4
Front bar
MX 4
2 side bars
Power supply 230V1Ph 230V 1Ph
MAX power installed 1,1 kW (230V) 2 kW (230V)
Maximum current 6 A (230V) 9 A (230V)
Vacuum pump 16 m³ 16 m³
Dimensions of the sealing bar 450 mm 450 mm
Available chamber dimensions
466×392 h.207 mm 350×456 h.207 mm
Machine dimensions
(lid closed)
545×660 h.550 mm 545×660 h.550 mm
Machine weight (Net/Gross) 99 kg 99 kg



  • Infusions
  • Marinades
  • Flavour Extraction
  • Pre Loaded Recipes in only a few minutes.
  • Vacuum in pouches, jars, and bottles.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The MX4 food packaging sealing machine — your key to effortlessly impressing guests with a fragrant limoncello, created in moments, thanks to its advanced vacuum technology.

Elevate your mixology game with MX4, allowing easy preparation of sophisticated cocktails. It has a simple touch on the intuitive touch screen. Serve drink bases promptly at the counter, enhancing the customer experience.

MX4 extends its utility beyond mixology, making vacuum technology a valuable asset in the kitchen. Prepare pouches and jars with precision, optimizing the vacuum cycle to maximize ingredient freshness and flavor. Take your culinary skills to new heights with MX4!

Unlock a range of benefits with vacuum packaging. This food packaging sealing machine extends shelf life. It prevents spoilage to reduce food waste and ensures efficient, organized storage.

Certified with CE/ETL/NSF, the MX4 is part of the MVS X/XP chamber vacuum packing series, ensuring quality and reliability in every culinary endeavour.