Refurbished Panda 1000

Introducing the Record Panda 1000, a mechanical flow wrapper, recently upgraded with comprehensive electronic upgrades, delivering efficient performance and precise packaging. Its distinct double jaw feature, with a generous 250mm width, caters for a range of product sizes, offering superior flexibility. The machine has been reinforced with full stainless steel guarding for increased durability and longevity, ideal for the demanding industrial environment. Particularly pertinent for the food industry, all food contact areas are entirely stainless steel, assuring adherence to stringent food safety standards. The 2 pitch gear change lever enhances operational control, adjusting speed as per product demands. The Panda 1000 is available with either a fixed or an adjustable box, the latter offering versatility for diverse packaging requirements. In summary, the Panda 1000 combines robust design, advanced technology and superior adaptability, making it the prime choice for your packaging needs.

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Production speed up to 100ppm
Reel Dimensions  620 mm
Product Dimensions mm 220 W x 500 L x 90 H
Power Consumption 4kW
Pneumatics Requirements NOT NEEDED
Electronic Package NA
Dimensions mm 3000 L x 1200 W x 1400 H
Weight 810kg

Technical Features Of Panda 1000

  • Lever assisted closing of the backseal rollers
  • 250 wide jaws
  • 150 centrax
  • Double Jaw
  • 1.5 meter infeed
  • New Electronic Upgrade
  • Mechanical Setting of the bag length
  • Bottom Seal

This Panda 1000 is a mechanical flow wrapper with an electronic upgrade. It has a double jaw with a jaw width of 170mm. It has recently been upgraded with full set of new electronics that ensure efficent performance. The machine has fully stainless steel guarding for enhanced durability and safety. All food contact areas are fully stainless steel and washdownable. It also comes with a 2-pitch gear change lever. This is available with either a fixed or adjustable box.

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