Flow Wrapper Record Panda MD Fully Upgraded

Upgraded Record Panda MD flow wrapping machine with omron electronics.

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Production speed up to 120 ppm
Reel Dimensions 720 mm
Product Dimensions 300 W x 650 L x 120 H
Power Consumption 6 KW
Pneumatics Requirements 6 bar
Dimensions 50000 L x 2000 W x 2000 H
Weight 1050 Kg

Technical Features of Record Panda

  • Films Up to 720mm wide
  • 180 centrax
  • Self Centering Reel Holders
  • Fixed Adjustable Folding Box
  • No Product No Bag
  • Print Registration
  • Stainless Steel
  • 250mm wide jaw
  • 2.5 meter infeed

Record Panda MD Flow Wrapping Machine

The Record Panda MD horizontal flow wrapper with upgraded electronics and parts. It is equipped with new Omron electronics and features three driven motors.  The machine’s robust design makes it suitable for demanding packaging production.   It comes with a barrette for the transfer of small products. The machine is a cantilever stainless steel design with food-grade stainless steel guarding to cover non-food contact areas. Our team of engineers have improved its productivity, longevity, and efficiency.  The machine comes with a 12 month full mechanical warranty. Experience superior performance with this dependable, efficient solution for your packaging requirements.

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