Check weigher / Metal Detector Combo System

Introducing our Check weigher and Metal Detector combo system, designed to meet your weighing and detection needs with precision and efficiency. The integrated colour graphical touch screen makes it easy to use.  It comes with accredited OIML R51 and EC TA (MID) approval, guaranteeing its reliability. Our adaptable true multi-frequency detection ensures quick adaptability to new products and packaging. It offers excellent accuracy, particularly with flexible packaging. This compact system saves valuable line space while reliably delivering results, thanks to its heavy-duty conveyor components and high-quality electronics. With the Loma expertise backing both technologies, you can trust in the maximum system performance it brings. Weighing a wide range of flexible and rigid packs up to 6kg, it’s the ideal solution for your needs.

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Feature Specification
Finish 304 stainless steel with bead blast finish
Available Line Heights 700mm – 1,200mm
Available System Lengths 1,900mm – 2,900mm
Maximum Weight 1,500g
Maximum Product Width 300mm
Maximum Product Length 425mm
Typical Accuracy, Un 0.6g
Capacity 400ppm
Supply Voltages 110 or 230V/1ph/N+E 50 or 60Hz
Air Supply 5 to 8 bar
Typical Reject Options Air Blast, Pusher, Diverter
Environment IP65
Belt type Food quality flat belt – quick release (no tools required)
Standard Inclusions Adjustable feet, Reject bin, USB socket, Multi speed, Pack pitch monitor
Options Servo feedback signal – for filler control, Serial Link, LomaEnet, PVS, LED Indicator stack, 316 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Multi-product memory (500)
  • Brushless motors
  • True multi-speed
  • Application-specific filtering
  • Sample packs function
  • Automatic mean weight correction
  • High capacity load cell
  • R51 Approved to X(1) e = 1g
  • PVS – performance validation system
  • Aperture heights: 75mm – 250mm in 25mm increments
  • Aperture widths: 150mm – 350mm in 100mm increments

Discover precision with our stainless steel Check Weigher and Metal Detector System. Store 500 product settings, ensure mean weight correction, and comply with R51 standards for 1g accuracy. Tailor aperture sizes from 75mm to 250mm in height and 150mm to 350mm in width. Quality control perfected for assurance in the food industry