Carrera 1000 PC

Carrera 1000 PC flow packing machine

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Feature Description
Model Ilapak Carrera 1000 PC
Type Automatic Horizontal Flow Wrapper
Speed Up to 150 packages per minute (2-up head)
Current Configuration Equipped with 2, 7″ wide final seal for high speeds
Package Size Range – Length: 2″- 21.6″ or 20mm – 300mm – Width: 0.8″- 6″ or 20mm – 152mm – Height: up to 3.5″ or 90mm with 150mm radius jaws
Web Width Single web with maximum film width of 26″
  • Robust and durable construction for long-lasting operation
  • Advanced technology and automation systems for precise and efficient packaging
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive controls for easy setup and operation
  • High-speed capabilities for efficient throughput and productivity maximization
  • Innovative features such as automatic film tracking and centering for accurate wrapping
  • Variety of sealing options
  • Versatility to handle various packaging formats and integrate with additional modules
  • PLC control platform, servomotors, and stainless steel configuration for flexibility and efficiency

The Ilapak Carrera 1000 PC is an electronically controlled flow packing machine designed for middle range and multipurpose applications. Utilizing servomotors and a PLC control platform, the Carrera 1000 offers a wide range of customized configurations and facilitates fast and easy size change operations. Its cantilever design and stainless steel configuration make it well-suited for harsh environments. This horizontal rotary jaw Carrera flow wrapper is  provides maximum production flexibility and efficiency at various performance levels. Great for pillow bag and flow bag pack styles