Production speed Up to 30ppm
Reel Dimensions 600 mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 32mm – Max 250mm)Length (Min 60mm – Max 500mm)
Power Consumption 3.5kW
Pneumatics Requirements 6 bar
Electronic Package Omron
Dimensions Length 1425mm

Width 980mm

Height 1240mm

Weight 500kg


  • Alumium Jaws for better thermal conductivity
  • Customisable Forming Tubes
  • Available to be used with Pillow or Gusseted Bags
  • Desinged to make cleaning quick and efficent.
  • Full persplex viewing of the machines operation.

This form fill seal machine is Record’s most compact available.

Drawing from two decades of experience in the vertical packaging industry, this entry level model is small but sturdy. It is available in both painted and stainless steel. The machine caters to small and medium-sized companies with production capacities of up to 25/30 bags per minute. It can create both pillow and gusseted bags for both food and non-food products. This small form fill seal machine is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. It has an ergonomic design for manual feeding, keeping a family-friendly feel.

The machine has a user-friendly touch screen panel that supports multiple languages, making it easier to use. The machine is durable and reliable. It provides businesses with a compact and efficient packaging solution.