Record Box Motion Top Seal

Introducing the Zebra Inverted Box Motion Machine – the ultimate high-performance flow wrapper for hermetic seals. With its innovative servo-driven design, this machine is ideal for large and difficult products that require hermetic seals. It boasts impressive speeds of 80-100 packs per minute and is perfect for modified atmosphere packaging applications.

The Zebra machine is highly adaptable and customizable, allowing for seamless integration with various automatic feeding systems and production lines. It also comes in a bottom seal version for easy-to-transport products. Equipped with ancillary devices, this flow wrapper can meet diverse customer needs and enhance packaging solutions.

Invest in the Zebra Inverted Box Motion Machine for optimal performance and efficiency in your packaging process. Its versatility and adaptability make it a must-have for any production line that requires high-quality hermetic seals.

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Production speed Up to 80ppm
Reel Dimensions up to 1200mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 15mm – Max 400mm)

Height (Min 1mm – Max 350mm)

Length (Min 50mm – Max 600mm)

Power Consumption 6kW
Pneumatics Requirements 6 bar
Electronic Package Omron
Dimensions Length 5000mm

Width 1050mm

Height 1800mm

Weight 950kg

Record Box Motion Features

  • Multidrive system with 6 independent brushless servo motors allowing precision control on each axis of the machine.
  • Motorised top seal rollers height adjustment
  • Cantilever design to optimise usability, accessibility and hygiene.
  • Easy inspection for maintenance and cleaning of roller unit
  • Photocell for printed film
  • EC certified safety and management modules
  • Motorised product unloading belt with central guide
  • Motorised film roll
  • Emergency button and safety circuits with immediate stop
  • Sliding surface in AISI 304 stainless steel conforming with EC regulations
  • Fully servo driven jaw mechanism allowing for more precise control of the jaw and quicker changeover between your product range.
  • Our touch screen is designed in-house with linguistic and visual interpretation experts. It reduces usability barriers for factories with diverse staff and is more intuitive than previous versions.

Optional Add On’s

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Machine Accessories Add On’s

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  • Sustainability
    • Has been tested on cellulose-based film and paper-based films
    • Power consumption only 6kW per hour
    • Special high quality gear reducers that allow for more efficient motor use
  • Suitable Materials
    • OPP
    • HDPE & LDPE Films
    • Laminated High Barrier Films
    • Cellulose & PLA based films
    • Paper Films & Paper laminated films
  • Real World Applications
    • Bakery
    • Confectionery
    • Medical
    • Fresh Produce
    • Meat

Pack Styles

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