The Basis-120 is designed to deliver high-speed packaging, allowing you to achieve impressive packaging rates of up to 120 pieces per minute. This increased speed improves overall productivity, enabling you to meet demanding production requirements efficiently. The Basis-120 accommodates a wide range of package sizes to meet your specific requirements. With package dimensions ranging from 40mm to 200mm (A), 20mm to 80mm (B), and 110mm to 300mm (H), this machine offers the versatility to handle various product dimensions and configurations.

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Model Basis-120 9″ Basis-120 S 6″
Kinematic speed (pcs/min) Up to 120 Up to 150
Printer Customer’s choice Customer’s choice
Installed power (without glue installation), kW 4.5 4.5
Package dimensions (mm)
A 40 – 200 40 – 130
B 20 – 80 12 – 80
H 110 – 300 80 – 200

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  • Kinematic Speed
  • Printer Flexibility
  • Precision with Hot Melt Glue
  • Optimal Power Efficiency
  • Versatile Package Dimensions
  • Durable and Reliable Performance