Record Sparrow – Rotary Motion Flow Wrapper

Record Sparrow is our smallest flow wrapper on the market. This compact flow wrap machine is ideal for small to medium-sized products.

It is a fully servo driven by 3 brushless motors. Our cantilever self-centering film design makes a seamless transition for product changeovers. This machine is built for small to medium-sized bakeries. It is built to seamlessly fit into your end-of-line production. It’s the perfect entry-level flow wrapper for those looking to do regular production or to get a new product off the range.

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Production speed Up to 150ppm
Reel Dimensions 520mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 15mm – Max 200mm)

Height (Min 1mm – Max 100mm)

Length (Min 50mm – Max 600mm)

Power Consumption 3kW
Pneumatics Requirements 6 bar
Electronic Package Omron
Dimensions Length 3200mm

Width 890mm

Height 1800mm

Weight 500kg


  • Cantilever steel design to optimise usability, accessibility and hygiene.
  • Self-Centring reel system to enable quick positioning of film
  • Easy inspection for maintenance and cleaning of roller unit
  • Photocell for printed film
  • Electronic clutch safety mechanism for the jaw unit.
  • Discharge conveyor belt 1 meter long driven by an independent motor
  • Emergency button and safety circuits with immediate stop
  • Sliding surface in AISI 304 stainless steel conforming with EC regulation.
  • Multidrive system with 3 independent brushless servo motors allowing precision control on each axis of the machine.
  • 7’’ inch user friendly screen that can hold up to 50 independent recipes that has been designed in house with the consultation of linguistic and visual interpretation experts to design a screen that can be universally understood.
  • EC certified safety and management modules.

Incorporating a cantilever steel design for enhanced usability, accessibility, and hygiene, our product ensures optimal performance. Its self-centring reel system facilitates swift film positioning, while the roller unit allows for easy inspection and maintenance. Equipped with a photocell and electronic clutch safety mechanism, this product guarantees safety and efficiency.

Record Flow Wrap Optional Add On’s 

  • Cooling deck plates (To prevent the melting of temperature sensitive products such as chocolate)
  • Double Sealing Jaw (this option doubles the speed of the machine but reduces the overall product length.
  • Euro Hole Option
  • Fixed forming box
  • Zig Zag Blade
  • No Product No Bag
  • Extra Set of Fin Seals
  • Extra Meter Infeed Conveyor


Automation Add Ons For Record Flow Wrap

  • Auto feeding Systems
  • Date Coder Printer (Accompanied by a picture + also linking to the coder section of the website.)
  • Labelling Device (Accompanied by a picture + also linking to the coder section of the website.

Download our Record Tiny Layout Drawing

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