Record Superb Rotary Motion

The Record Superb flow wrapping machine is the ultimate packaging solution for businesses in the cake and bakery industry. It offers maximum packaging flexibility and is expertly designed to meet the varied needs of the industry. This adaptable flow pack machine seamlessly handles both large and small products, making it ideal for businesses requiring swift transitions between different product sizes.

With its patented infeed gear drop-down design, the Record Superb flow wrapping machine can efficiently package a wide array of products, including scones and loaves of bread. Its adjustable folding box can accommodate items up to 250mm wide and 170mm high, while the fixed folding box option can package products up to 300mm wide upon request.

The machine’s innovative features include an 11-inch in-house designed HMI that can store up to 100 programs simultaneously, ensuring smooth operation and customisation. The cantilever-designed frame offers easy access to the folding box area, allowing for quick product changeovers.

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Production speed Up to 200ppm
Reel Dimensions 620 / 720 mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 20mm – Max 300mm)

Height (Min 1mm – Max 175mm)

Length (Min 50mm – Max 1000mm)

Power Consumption 3.5kW (400V)
Pneumatics Requirements 6 bar
Electronic Package Omron
Dimensions Length 3200mm

Width 890mm

Height 1800mm

Weight 500kg


  • Extra wide adjustable folding box design. For wide and small products
  • Special cut out single piece Jaw design to allow for easy maintenance and can allow products up to 175mm through
  • Barrette transfer unit for small and large products.
  • Self Centering reel system to enable quick positioning of film. To enable quick changeover between film rolls.
  • Easy adjustable Jaw height using accessible handle for quick changeover between large and small products.
  • Unique double sprocket centre chain propelling system that aids with the transfer of the product into the film reducing the risk of error.
  • 2.5 meter infeed conveyor supplied as standard.
  • Cantilever Stainless Steel design to optimise usability, accessibility and hygiene
  • Multidrive system with 4 independent servo motors allowing precision control on each axis of the machine.
  • Photocell for pre-printed film
  • User friendly screen that has been designed using images for easy universal comprehension of tasks.  more intuitive and user friendly than previous iterations.
  • ‘’No Product – No Bag Function’’ included in all designs.

The ‘Record Superb’ a high speed  horizontal flow wrapping machine is designed for the cake and bakery industry.  It offers flexible packaging for varied product sizes. It features a patented infeed gear, adjustable folding box (up to 230mm wide, 150mm high), and an 11-inch HMI storing 100 programs. The cantilever frame ensures easy access for quick changeovers.

Optional Add On’s For Record Superb

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Automation Upgrades For Record Superb

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Compatible Packaging Films

  • Mono OPP
  • Mono PE (Up to 40microns) Ideal add on’s are required to maximise performance with PE based films.
  • PET – Polyester
  • Paper Based Films – (Coated paper based films are compatible with this machines however specific add ons are recommended to maximise performance please contact one of our sales representatives for more information.)

Pack Styles

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