Record Falcon-Inverted Rotary Motion

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Production speed Up to 160ppm
Reel Dimensions 500mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 15mm – Max 250mm)

Height (Min 1mm – Max 150mm)

Length (Min 50mm – Max 600mm)

Power Consumption 5kW
Pneumatics Requirements 6 bar
Electronic Package Omron
Dimensions Length 44000mm

Width 1050mm

Height 1300mm

Weight 750kg


  • Top set of heated rollers with unique gearing ratio coupled to ensure perfect tension across the film.
  • Self-Centring reel system to enable quick positioning of film
  • Easy wheel adjustable fin seal height adjustment for quick product changeover.
  • Adjustable folding box with side guide tensioning sticks.
  • Cantilever design to optimise usability, accessibility and hygiene.
  • Transversal sealing jaw
  • Easy adjustable Jaw height using accessible handle
  • Easy inspection for maintenance and cleaning of roller unit
  • Photocell for pre printed film
  • EC certified safety and management modules
  • Motorised product unloading belt with central guide
  • Sliding surface in AISI 304 stainless steel conforming with EC regulations
  • Multidrive system with 4 independent brushless servo motors allowing precision control on each axis of the machine. (Infeed, backseal module, jaws, outfeed belt)
  • ‘’No Product – No Bag Function’’ included in free of charge
  • 7inch Screen designed for multilingual use.

We developed the RPI (Records standard rotary jaw inverted)  inverted horizontal flow wrapper to address the packaging challenges of difficult-to-package products. Inverted flow wrappers, featuring a sealing section on top, create the fine seal above the product. This flow wrapping style is commonly used for delicate products such as vegetables, flatbreads, and sticky items like epoxy sticks.

Ideal for small to medium-sized products not requiring fully hermetic seals, the RPI inverted flow wrapper comes equipped with a specially designed adjustable folding box. The box features film tension rounded-based controls, allowing for precise management of film between the box and back seal rollers. An easily adjustable jaw height saves time when switching between products.

Additionally, the inverted horizontal flow wrapper has an independent gear-driven top seal unit with a unique gear ratio. Designed to guarantee perfect tension, the front set of rollers achieves optimal performance. This design reduces film movement between the box and the top seal rollers, enhancing the overall packaging process.

Powerful and energy-efficient, this machine has a consumption rate of 5kW, promoting cost-effective operations. Operating at 6 bar pneumatic requirements, it guarantees reliability and efficiency in the packaging process.

Equipped with an Omron electronic package, the Flow Wrapper ensures precision and advanced control in every cycle. The machine prioritizes space utilization with its designed dimensions.

Optional Add On’s For Record Inverted

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Machine Accessories For Record Inverted Flow Wrapper

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