Record Packaging Systems

Record Flow Wrap Machine

Record UK was established in 1987. It was set up by Edward Murphy as a specialist packaging solutions distributor throughout the UK and Ireland. We have installed over 800  packaging machines into the market offering a wide berth of technical expertise.  Our machines are renowned for their build quality and ease of use. They are easy to maintain and incredibly durable. Record UK still has machines in production that are over 30 years old. Each machine is hand built and tailored for our clients requirements. Record flow wrappers have and continue to remain the value conscious investors choice.

  • A Small Sized flow wrapper
  • Can produce up to 240 packs per minute
  • Ideal for small to medium sized products
  • Extremely versatile and cost effective.
  • Rotary Jaw flow wrapper available in Bottom and Top Seal models.
  • Can preform at film speed up to 55meters a second
  • Availability in long dwell model
  • Modified Atmosphere capabilities
  • Suitable for small to medium products.
  • Hermetic Seal Flow Wrapper
  • MAP Capabilities
  • Extremely versatile product range
  • Available in Bottom and Top Seal models.
  • Suitable for large and long products, including products that require high seal integrety and MAP.