Sleeve wrapping is a widely used packaging technique in the packaging industry. It involves encasing products or containers in a protective sleeve or film to provide added stability, protection, and aesthetics.

Product Preparation: The products or containers to be wrapped are organized and positioned for the sleeve wrapping process.

Sleeve Film Dispensing: A roll of sleeve film or flat film is mounted onto the packaging machine, and the film is unwound and fed into the machine.

Sleeve Wrapping: The sleeve film is formed into a tube or sleeve around the product or container as it moves along a conveyor belt. The film is guided and sealed using heat, adhesive, or both.

Heat Shrinkage: Heat may be applied to the wrapped sleeve to initiate shrinkage, causing the film to conform tightly to the product or container.

Cooling and Solidification: The wrapped sleeve is cooled to solidify and maintain its shape, ensuring a secure fit and enhanced protection.

Machines suitable for Sleeve Wrapping Machines