Improve Your Product Shelf Life With MAP Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) machinery has revolutionised the packaging industry, offering a multitude of benefits for perishable products. By replacing the air within the package with a custom gas blend, MAP machinery effectively extends the shelf life of products, preserves their freshness, and reduces food waste.

MAP machinery finds extensive use in various sectors, particularly in the food industry. From fresh produce, meat, poultry, and seafood to bakery items and ready-to-eat meals, MAP packaging is instrumental in maintaining product quality and preventing microbial growth. By protecting against oxidation and spoilage, MAP machinery ensures that food products retain their taste, texture, and appearance, leading to enhanced consumer satisfaction.

In the pharmaceutical industry, MAP machinery is employed to preserve the efficacy of drugs, preventing contamination and degradation. This innovative packaging solution also finds applications in the electronics and medical device sectors, where it safeguards sensitive components from moisture and oxidation.

The versatility of MAP machinery allows businesses to customise their packaging process according to specific needs. Advanced systems offer flexibility in gas compositions, packaging materials, and sealing techniques, accommodating a wide range of products and packaging designs.

By implementing MAP machinery, businesses not only optimise their packaging process but also contribute to a more sustainable future. By significantly reducing food waste and ensuring the quality of perishable products, MAP packaging is a valuable asset in today’s competitive marketplace.

Machines suitable for MAP Packaging Machine