What is a Food Vacuum Sealer and How Does it Work?

A Food Vacuum Sealer is a kitchen appliance that removes air from specially designed bags or containers to create an airtight seal. This seal helps extend the freshness and shelf life of various foods by preventing air exposure, which can cause spoilage, freezer burn, and nutrient loss.

Vacuum seal machine


 Three  Types of Vacuum Sealers:

  1. External/Handheld Vacuum Sealers
    • Use a handheld vacuum wand to suck air out of bags
    • Good for occasional use and smaller jobs
    • More compact and affordable
  2. Chamber Vacuum Sealers
    • Industrial-grade for commercial kitchens
    • Food is placed in a vacuum chamber which removes air
    • Can seal liquid-based and moist foods effectively
    • Higher capacity and faster operation
  3. Automatic Vacuum Sealers
    • Countertop appliances for home use
    • Automatically seal bags with a push of a button
    • Use specialized vacuum bags or rolls
    • User-friendly and consistent results
Feature External Chamber Automatic
Portability High Low Medium
Capacity Low High Medium
Liquid Sealing Poor Excellent Good
Ease of Use Fair Complex High

The vacuum sealing process involves placing food in a specialized vacuum bag, removing air via the sealer’s vacuum pump, and then heat sealing the bag to create an airtight environment. This airtight seal prevents oxidation and locks in freshness, flavours and nutrients.

Vacuum sealed beans


Benefits of Using a Vacuum Sealer for Food Storage

Utilising a food vacuum sealer enhances food preservation significantly. Here’s how:

Extend Freshness and Shelf Life

The commercial vacuum sealer excels in removing air from seal bags, slowing down the decay process caused by bacteria and mold. This airtight seal maximises food storage efficiency, beneficial for both moist foods and dry foods, thus extending freshness beyond conventional means.

Prevent Freezer Burn

Freeze food without fear of freezer burn thanks to the vacuum pack’s barrier against air exposure. This method is crucial for meal prep, ensuring your stored food retains its quality and taste.

Preserve Flavour and Nutrients

Maintain the natural taste and nutritional value of your foods, particularly important for sous vide cooking, through the effective use of handheld vacuum sealers or automatic vacuum sealers. This practice locks in flavour and preserves the food’s natural state.

Save Money by Reducing Food Waste

Economise by buying in bulk and using a vacuum sealer to store excess, which aids in food waste reduction. The reusable food storage method not only saves money but also promotes eco-friendly food storage.

Space Saving and Time Saving

By efficiently storing food, vacuum sealers help in space saving within the kitchen and reduce time spent on food preparation and shopping, making them time-saving devices essential for modern kitchens.

Vacuum sealed fish


Benefits Overview

Benefit Description Impact
Extend Freshness Keeps food fresh longer by removing air and sealing in flavour. Longer shelf life for all food types.
Prevent Freezer Burn Protects against air exposure and dehydration in the freezer. Better quality, taste, and texture.
Preserve Flavour Maintains the taste and nutritional value of foods. Enhances dining experience.
Save Money Reduces the need to discard spoiled food. Decreases grocery bills and waste.
Space and Time Saving Maximizes storage efficiency and reduces food preparation time. Optimizes kitchen organization and routine.

By incorporating the benefits of vacuum sealing accessories, such as vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer rolls, users can enhance their food preservation efforts. Additionally, vacuum sealer maintenance is crucial for longevity and performance, aligning with vacuum sealer best practices for optimal results.


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